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Animal Print Knitting Needle Stoppers - knitting accessories - stitch holders - silicone bead cap - knitting notions - tiger zebra leopard


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    Never have another dropped stitch with this revolutionary knitting accessory! These silicone bead stoppers keep your project from unraveling when added to the end of your needles. Each stopper measures 17 mm and has a 2.75 mm hole that stretches to fit 3.25 mm needles all the way up to 10 mm. The hexagon shape keeps them from rolling far from hand so you can pop them on your project whenever you need to set it down. They fit snug and securely on both circular and straight needles, wooden or metal.

    The item listing consists of one pair of matching animal print stoppers. The available prints are as follows:
    Rainbow Leopard - white base with variation of pink, blue, green, and orange leopard spots
    Grey Leopard - grey base with light blue/navy leopard spots
    Leopard - cream base with yellow/black leopard spots
    Tiger - orange base with black stripes
    Zebra - white base with black stripes