Hand dyed yarn creations from a Wallflower Gal in Asheville, NC!

Welcome to my shop, Wallflower Gal Fibers!

Here you will find the hand dyed yarns I've had the joy to create and share with you as I've learned the skills and techniques of dyeing in 2019.

First off, let me introduce myself! I'm Amanda, a somewhat introverted IT person by day and avid fiber crafter all the rest of the time. When it comes to yarn and fiber related crafts, I'm anything but introverted! When I say I have yarn on the brain, you can believe its true! I love to talk with anyone in length about my love for the fiber arts and find that I learn something new each and every day. Hopefully you're on board with who I am and can fully relate!

I've been hooking for 20+ years and up until 3 years ago, was quite foreign to the knitting side of fiber arts. That day 3 years ago, I decided I needed to learn, no matter how intimidating it appeared. My first few attempts were failures and I frustratingly put my needles aside, knowing those failures were not the universe telling me that knitting wasn't for me, just that I couldn't right then and learning would take time. Months later, I picked my needles back up and with my previous knowledge and the right resources at my fingertips, I was finally successful!

My new found love for knitting led me to the world of indie dyed yarns and the versatility of fiber as a canvas for color, art and creation. I loved what others were creating and wanted to try it for myself and be able to express my tastes and color preferences. I decided to give dyeing a go and have enjoyed every bit of the process. With a surplus of my hand dyed yarn creations, it is now my desire to share the art and beauty of what I've created with all of you. It excites me to know others will take what I've made and turn it into their own masterpiece! If you've made something using my hand dyed yarn, please tag me or use the hashtag #wallflowergalfibers